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Ana Paula Cuco

Product Development Engineer - MDO, Embraer

Ana Paula started her career at Engineering Simulation and Scientific and Software (ESSS) in 2007. Her assignments, as a member of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization department, included the modeFrontier training and the software technical support in Brazil. In 2010 she joined the MDO group of Embraer and, since then, she has being responsible for implementing a vast number of optimization frameworks focused in the aircraft design. It is also part of Ana Paula's responsibilities the development of MDO methodologies to ease the complex process of integrating many of aircraft components inside frameworks. Ana Paula received her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) in 2007. Later on, in 2011, Ana Paula obtained her Master in Science degree in Space Engineering and Technology from Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE).


MDO: An Outstanding Methodology For Aircraft Design - A Wingtip Optimization
Plenary Room, Tue, 13/05/2014 - 14:30 - 15:00

Aircraft is a complex engineering system which must show compliance with a number of demanding requirements associated with the operational cost, the flight performance and, lately, the environmental aspects. Many times such requirements are really conflicting to each other and, thus, yielding into a considerable challenge to manage the design that mostly accomplish the requisites. Nonetheless, in the last decades the wide spread of the MDO methodology has provided better means to explore the multidiciplinarity aspects of the design process and, thereby, allowing the achievement of the goals.

In this work, the MDO methodology is employed in order to design a new wingtip device for the E175 aircraft. This new wingtip design is one of the aerodynamic improvements from a whole package prepared to obtain the gains in terms of performance. Indeed, the main objective of such aerodynamic package lies in achieving a fuel burn reduction to maintain the competitiveness of the E175 with respect to other regional aviation aircrafts. The flight campaign, considering the complete aerodynamic package, has shown an impressive fuel burn reduction, which is in accordance with the engineering computations. In particular, the adoption of the MDO methodology deeply contributed in the accomplishment of the goals.

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