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ESTECO and CPOMD are proud to announce the 6th edition of the modeFRONTIER International Users' Meeting 2014 marks a ten-year journey through optimization started by ESTECO in 2004. 

Past editions of the conference bear witness to the global scope of the initiative with more than 600 users from over 50 countries and more than 180 speakers from leading multi-national companies and research centers, including ABB, Bombardier, Embraer, Ford, Petrobras, Volvo and Whirlpool.

Prominent speakers from past editions include David Goldberg from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Luciano Mariella, Responsible of Aerodynamics for CONI Project at the Ferrari Racing Department, Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, leading global expert in evolutionary algorithms and John Mannisto from Whirlpool Corporation.

The modeFRONTIER International Users' Meeting 2014 offers much more than just an update on a software development.

Five good reasons to attend the modeFRONTIER International Users' Meeting:

  • Check out the new features of the best-in-class process integration and multi-objective optimization platform
  • Get together with other users from a variety of industrial sectors and research fields
  • Learn how modeFRONTIER is used to drive the design process in industries such as aerospace, architecture, automotive, manufacturing and many more
  • Meet the ESTECO Team members, including modeFRONTIER developers
  • Hear how leading researchers have used optimization in innovative engineering and life sciences projects 

modeFRONTIER gives its users a competitive edge throughout the product design process; it is the secret of their success and the driving factor behind the development of their most innovative products. Make sure your company stays on top – don't miss this year’s event. Come and check out our latest available software previews.

Modularity >> Mastering Complexity

In the most innovative value chains, from concept design to manufacturing and maintenance, experts in different disciplines are called on to make critical decisions with paramount impact on product quality. It is quality, along with fast decision-making, that often determines the market success of a product. Engineers and designers need to master such complexity and technology comes to their aid. 

This year’s edition of the modeFRONTIER UM is dedicated to the modularity of technology and its potentially huge impact on mastering complexity.

Don’t forget to save the dates in your agenda: join us in Trieste on the 12th and 13th May 2014!

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