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Bernardo Souza

Senior Technologist, DCTA/FUNDEP

Mechanical engineer with ten years of experience in the optimization field. Has applied topology optimization in the design of  MEMS actuators, and parametric optimization in the fly-by-wire and internal combustion engine fields. Currently working in the L75  Engine project, a liquid propellant rocket engine, with engine performance analysis, control and feed system development.


Applications of modeFRONTIER in liquid propellant rocket engine design
Plenary Room, Mon, 12/05/2014 - 12:10 - 12:30

This work presents two applications of modeFRONTIER in liquid propellant rocket engine design. In the first application modeFRONTIER is used to optimize the high level engine parameters and geometry for a liquid oxygen/ethanol engine aiming for 75 kN of thrust. The use of DoE, surrogate-modelling and  statistical analysis allowed great simplification of the design problem, resulting in an engine  that can be as propellant efficient as another kerosene fueled engine for the same thrust level, but which was designed without such techniques. The second application uses modeFRONTIER as a search tool for defining the operational envelope of the Thrust Chamber Assembly (TCA) belonging to the engine of the first application. The TCA's operational constraints are modeled as optimization constraints, and the parameters necessary to define the operating condition are modeled as objectives. A multi-objective algorithm is then used to maximize or minimize the operating conditions. The result is, therefore, a set of operating points that lie on the edge of the TCA's operational envelope.

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