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Davide Tallini

Application Engineer, CST

Davide Tallini received the Laurea degree in Telecommunication Engineering from “Sapienza” University of Rome in February 2007. His scientific interests during the university were focused on electromagnetic theory and applications in a specific topic: scanning antennas and arrays. During his master thesis he has collaborated with SELEX SISTEMI INTEGRATI in Rome in the design and optimization of a planar phased array for radar applications. A related publication won the best student award at the EUCAP 2007 held in Edinburgh. At the end of 2007 he joined CST AG as Application Engineer where he is currently employed. His main duties are the customer support in Italy & Turkey and the coordination of new projects developments inside CST related to specific sector of the MW & RF market.


Multiobjective Electromagnetic Optimization of RF components
Industries [Electric]
Parallel Room #1, Tue, 13/05/2014 - 10:00 - 10:20

Nowadays the passive microwave & RF design of components like connectors, all kind of antennas, couplers, filters and waveguides, takes advantage of the capabilities provided by 3D electromagnetic simulation tools for an accurate virtual prototyping. The tight integration of such a tool in the daily workflow of a RF designer has become a standard de facto.

A further challenge to be accomplished by the simulation tool is the ability to contribute more and more to the increasing wish of a shorter time to market of the RF product. To this aim multi-objective optimization has been considered, combining the strength of CST MWS2, one of the most applied 3D electromagnetic simulation tool, with modeFRONTIER. Seamless integrated with modeFRONTIER® by means of a direct node, CST electromagnetic simulation is automatically driven by a full batch process, that doesn’t require human intervention.

Multi-objective optimization approach has been successfully applied to several real case studies, such as the design a complex antenna for space applications,p hased antenna arrays and filters being always able to meet the RF design requirements and showing the capability of efficiently exploiting the space domain during the optima search phase. This methodology is a very promising approach for an even faster development of all kinds of microwave structures.

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