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Hezi Ben-Ari

Guidance and Control Engineer, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Mr. Hezi Ben-Ari received his B.S.C in Mechanical engineering in 2001 from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IIT). Since 2001 he has been working at Rafael as a member of the guidance and control group.


Using modeFRONTIER for more efficient development of autopilot algorithm
Industries [Aerospace]
Parallel Room #2, Tue, 13/05/2014 - 10:40 - 11:00

Aerodynamic characteristics of modern missiles impose many challenges when designing autopilot algorithms. These challenges, with increasingly tighter schedules allocated for autopilot algorithm development, require new ways for autopilot design. Since a missile autopilot algorithm is required to perform its tasks with 100% reliability on the first attempt, much attention is given to verification and validation processes during autopilot development. The traditional way of designing autopilots is for the engineer to change the controller's gains manually, until a suitable set that meets the design criteria is reached. The selected design then undergoes a lengthy phase of verification and validation using perturbations on the plant model. If the design fails to perform adequately under these perturbations, the process is repeated. This presentation will demonstrate an innovative way to use modeFRONTIER MORDO to design a robust autopilot. Using modeFRONTIER, the processes of design, verification, and validation is combined into a single step, saving a great deal of time. An additional feature is the ability to ensure that the autopilot design is optimal. In cases where the autopilot topology is not suitable for the plant, modeFRONTIER can aid in “proving” it.

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