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Kazuma Goto

Structural Engineer, Arup Japan

Kazuma Goto has skill of Nonlinear Computational Mechanics. On his BSc thesis is titled “Form finding analysis of Tensegrity Structures” at the Department of System Design,  and his Master thesis is titled “Form finding Analysis of Multi-reciprocal Space Structure” at the Master of Science in Engineering, Keio University. 

He has been working in the several architectural projects in Japan since joined Arup Tokyo in 2008. He has knowledge of building codes of Japan, Taiwan, China and experiences of structural engineering of RC, Steel, Timber and Membrane. Besides, he has been working as a Geometric Engineer for the complex form buildings to find optimum shape and their solution.


Optimizing complex structural forms in the field of architecture
Plenary Room, Mon, 12/05/2014 - 10:30 - 11:00

In a field of Architecture, design is often divided into architectural, structural and building service design. Usually architectural design is a process of calculating and verifying the performance and safety of the building form proposed by the architect. In recent years, the rapid development in 3D-CAD has allowed extensive application of parametric design in the field of architectural design. In contrast, parametric design has not been applied to the fields of structural and building physics design very often, and optimization of overall building performance has rarely been discussed. This presentation introduces our recent works in architecture to solve and optimize complex structural forms, and produce unique design solutions by utilizing modeFRONTIER in the field of parametric modeling, automated design, and multi-objective optimization.

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