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Octavian Craciun

Senior Scientist, ABB AG

Dr.-Ing. Octavian Craciun is Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Germany. His main research topic is the electromagnetic design and multi-optimization of actuators used for mechatronic devices.


Hardware in the loop multi-objective optimization of medium voltage reclosers
Industries [Electric]
Parallel Room #1, Tue, 13/05/2014 - 09:20 - 09:40

Authors: Octavian Craciun, Gregor Stengel (ABB AG Corporate Research Germany, Ladenburg, Germany​), Christian Reuber (ABB AG Calor Emag Medium Voltage Products Ratingen, Germany​)

Medium voltage reclosers now represent an important grid protection device that connects different grid sources, increase the network/grid reliability and make possible implementation of self healing and auto reconfiguration schemes for overhead lines. With a high level of renewable energy penetration, medium voltage networks are becoming bidirectional. Therefore, the associated switching devices must ensure the protection of newer types of power systems as well as new types of loads. The optimal design of medium voltage reclosers is therefore important in order to enable the required switching capabilities.

The switching capabilities of medium voltage recloser can be influenced by various parameters such as actuation energy responsible for opening and closing the device. Therefore, to maximize the lifetime of the recloser, it is essential to establish optimal control strategies for the actuation energy. This paper examines hardware in the loop multi-objective optimization of an electromagnetic actuation unit integrated in a medium voltage recloser. The goal is to identify an optimal control scheme for the closing and opening operations.

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